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New Hope for ‘Bubble Baby Disease’

Research led by the University of Hong Kong has resulted in a new testing regime that could speed up the diagnosis of SCID, allowing more infants to receive life-saving treatment within a critical timeframe. For the best chance of survival, infants with SCID should be treated as soon after birth as

3-D-printed Biomaterials that Degrade on Demand

"It's a bit like Legos," said Ian Wong, an assistant professor in Brown's School of Engineering and co-author of the research. "We can attach polymers together to build 3-D structures, and then gently detach them again under biocompatible conditions." The research is published in the journal Lab on a Chip. The Brown team

Promising Results for Patients with Endoscopic Treatments

A simpler biopsy procedure than the one traditionally used can give equally good results while reducing stress for patients and workers, and allowing for faster diagnosis, according to a study in the August issue of GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, "Endoscopic multiple biopsy and rapid diagnosis by in situ fixation and histopathologic processing." During

Patients Taking Opioids Prior to ACL Surgery More Likely to be on Pain Medications Longer

"With the ever-increasing opioid epidemic our nation is facing, understanding the risk factors for postoperative narcotic use could aid surgeons and healthcare systems in identifying patients who could benefit from a different pain management and counseling regimen than previously identified," said Chris A. Anthony, MD, lead researcher from the University

Different Approaches Offer Patients Improved Quality of Life After ACL Reconstruction

"Orthopaedic surgeons have a variety of surgical techniques available to reconstruct a torn ACL," commented corresponding author and presenter Nicholas Mohtadi, MD, MSc, FRCSC, from the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre. "Our research showed patients overwhelmingly see improvements with the patellar tendon, hamstring tendon, and double-bundle surgical techniques, though